Norman G. Schneider

J.D. Georgetown University Law Center, 1987

M.A.  University of Pennsylvania, 1979

B.A., cum laude,  University of Pennsylvania, 1979

Norm Schneider has been working with the Kamerow family since 1988 following a year as a judicial clerk at the D.C. Superior Court. He received his undergraduate and master’s degrees from the University of Pennsylvania and his law degree from Georgetown, where he received the International Academy of Trial Lawyers Advocacy Award. He is member of, and has litigated numerous matters before, the state and federal bars of the District of Columbia and Maryland, and is a member of the U.S. Supreme Court Bar. Norm is the author of law review articles on psychology and the law, has been an adjunct professor at Georgetown University Law Center, and has been a consultant to Street Law, Inc. on tort law and sexual harassment. He has discussed legal matters on Larry King Live and other television and radio programs, and wrote a weekly column that for the Health and Injury Law channel of He has been involved in numerous high profile cases, including representing women who have been victims of sexual assaults by work superiors and girls who have been victims of sexual misconduct by teachers and coaches.

Maryland (1987)
District of Columbia (1988)
U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia (1988)
U.S. District Court for the Fourth Circuit, Maryland (1988)
United States Supreme Court (1994)
U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit (2003)


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Norman G. Schneider

Norman G. Schneider


  • Hundreds of plaintiff personal injury cases, most involving motor vehicle accidents, Metro train and bus accidents, and slip and fall injuries, resulting in more than 100 trials in the Circuit and District Courts of Maryland, the D.C. Superior Court, and the Federal Courts of D.C. and Maryland.

  • Numerous plaintiff sexual harassment cases, including one brought on behalf of a Montgomery County Council employee against a county council member, involving over 15,000 pages of depositions, resulting in a five week trial; and two recent cases brought on behalf of minors against a teacher and a coach for sexual misconduct.

  • Numerous medical malpractice cases brought by injured plaintiffs, including one brought on behalf of a child for failure by a geneticist to properly diagnose her genetic disease resulting in loss of opportunity to cure her illness, Ferrell v. Rosenbaum, 691 A.2d 641 (D.C. 1997), another involving videotaped psychiatric misconduct, and several cases brought by families of suicide victims against hospitals and medical professionals; Several defenses of medical and other professionals, including the defense of an apartment complex owner against a Fair Housing Act suit alleging that an employee had sexually assaulted a resident.

  • Numerous business disputes representing both plaintiffs and defendants, including contract disputes, non-compete clauses, and government contract disputes; several consumer complaint cases including one brought on behalf of a Georgetown Law professor for violations of the D.C. Consumer Protection Act by several home improvement contractors

  • Cases brought on behalf of family members to contest Wills in Florida, South Carolina, Virginia and Maryland; a case brought on behalf of an estate for an electrocution caused by Pepco negligence in trimming trees.

  • Numerous police misconduct cases including one brought on behalf of a plaintiff who was punched in the face by a D.C. police officer during a routine traffic stop where the police officer eventually went to jail; numerous cases brought on behalf of U.S. Park Police officers for injuries, including rebutting a claim by the defendant that the professional rescue doctrine applied to eliminate liability against him.

Litigation - Lead Counsel

Case Name*     Case Number     Filing Date     Represented Party     Court

Acker vs Balogun    050200183872007    06/21/2007    Plaintiff    Prince George’s
Adams vs MAIF    CAL8924626    12/28/1989    Plaintiff    Prince George's
Afrane vs Ricks    CAL9315511    08/10/1993    Plaintiff    Prince George's
Akinnodi vs Ramaswamy    060200089272007    04/19/2007    Plaintiff    Montgomery
Ames vs Verison    262178V    06/10/2005    Plaintiff    Montgomery
Ashby vs P G Cty    CAL0118109    08/20/2001    Plaintiff    Prince George's
Assiba vs Brittanic    CAL0821994     08/27/2008     Plaintiff    Prince George's
Atkins vs Conklin    050200183852004    05/21/2004    Plaintiff    Prince George’s
Avent vs Pontzer     060200109442011     04/25/2011     Plaintiff     Montgomery
Barber vs WMATA    2006 CA 6009     08/08/2006     Plaintiff     DC
Barber vs Hogan     050200385162010     10/18/2010     Plaintiff     Prince George’s
Barber vs WMATA    050200118822006    04/26/2006    Plaintiff    Prince George’s
Barbour vs Trembath    050200274462004    08/03/2004    Plaintiff    Prince George’s
Barnaby vs Bower    050200162872005    05/24/2005    Plaintiff    Prince George’s
Barnes vs Atkins    050200371212003    10/31/2003    Plaintiff    Prince George’s
Barnes vs Garay    050200258862002    08/07/2002    Plaintiff    Prince George’s
Battle vs Prete-Liebro    CAL0710477    04/13/2007    Plaintiff    Prince George’s
Battle vs Liebro    050200017982007    01/18/2007    Plaintiff    Prince George’s
Beasley vs Nunez    050200286032003    08/18/2003    Plaintiff    Prince George’s
Beasley vs Nunez    050200270742005    08/31/2005    Plaintiff    Prince George’s
Bell vs Hunter    050200268642005    09/20/2005    Plaintiff    Prince George’s
Bell vs Hunter    050200028052005    01/25/2005    Plaintiff    Prince George’s
Beyene vs Robertson    198113V    03/22/1999    Plaintiff    Montgomery
Bing vs Wood     2013 CA 3901     06/06/2013     Plaintiff     DC
Bing vs Wood    2013 CA 244     01/11/2013     Plaintiff     DC
Bittle vs Pearson    CAL9312135    06/25/1993    Plaintiff    Prince George's
Blackwell vs Powell    050200409562007    12/31/2007    Cross Claimant    Prince George’s
Blackwell vs Sampson    050200274472004    08/03/2004    Plaintiff    Prince George’s
Blackwell vs Sampson    050200375362006    12/19/2006    Plaintiff    Prince George’s
Blake vs Thomisis    050200161282011     04/25/2011     Plaintiff    Prince George’s
Boggs vs David     050200018152010     01/19/2010     Plaintiff     Prince George’s
Bosley vs Dirks    CAL9007568    03/19/1990    Plaintiff    Prince George's
Bowe vs Johnson    050200018162010     01/19/2010     Plaintiff     Prince George’s
Bower vs Barnaby    050200267822003    08/08/2003    Defendant    Prince George’s
Bowman vs Evans    CAL0003255    02/17/2000    Plaintiff    Prince George's
Boykins vs Spears    040200023462007     06/22/2007     Plaintiff     Charles
Brewster v. Cacozza    2010 CA 9146    11/29/2010    Plaintiff     DC

Brodsky v. Henry Schein, Inc. 8:15-CV-3387 11/27/18 Plaintiff DC Maryland
Brown vs Amaya     CAL0819591     08/11/2008     Plaintiff    Prince George's
Brown vs Killick    050200186942007     06/28/2007     Plaintiff     Prince George’s
Brown vs Jackson    08C09000280     02/04/2009     Plaintiff     Charles
Brown vs Contrera    050200124022007     04/18/2007     Plaintiff     Prince George’s
Buck-Stewart vs Amaya    050200286042003    08/18/2003    Plaintiff    Prince George’s
Burness vs Arch Training    2006 CA 3357    05/03/2006    Plaintiff    DC
Burroughs vs Atem    060200093082002    04/24/2002    Plaintiff    Montgomery
Burton vs Bluebird Cab    050200188322004    05/21/2004    Plaintiff    Prince George’s
Byrd vs Gooding    050200219652006     08/01/2006    Plaintiff    Prince George’s
Byrd vs Gooding    CAL0619393    09/14/2006    Plaintiff    Prince George's
Cagle vs Lane     050200323232007     10/18/2007     Plaintiff     Prince George’s
Cahn vs Westlake Park Condo    109172V    07/21/1993    Plaintiff    Montgomery
Campbell vs Thomas    050200140732005    05/02/2005    Plaintiff    Prince George’s
Capers vs Getachea    060200058592012     03/27/2012    Plaintiff     Montgomery
Carroll vs Beauvonnie    CAL9704915    03/04/1997    Plaintiff    Prince George's
Carter vs Burton     CAL1535632     11/19/2015    Plaintiff    Prince George's
Carter vs Gilmore    050200181962010     06/04/2010     Plaintiff     Prince George’s
Central Business vs Alperstein    97809V    10/29/1992    Defendant    Montgomery
Cisse vs Chong    060200239562003    10/31/2003    Plaintiff    Montgomery
Ciulla vs Kaminsky    CP94-2913IY    06/13/1995    Plaintiff    Palm Beach, FL
Claggett vs Barrios    050200028042005    01/25/2005    Plaintiff    Prince George’s
Clark vs Farooq    050200133592002    04/24/2002    Plaintiff    Prince George’s
Clark vs Stewart    CAL9305739    03/26/1993    Plaintiff    Prince George's
Clark vs Edgewood Mgmt    CAL911056     05/23/1991    Plaintiff    Prince George's
Claros vs Sutton     222038V    05/23/2001    Plaintiff    Montgomery
Clifton vs Bailey    CAL9701352    01/17/1997    Plaintiff    Prince George's
Clifton vs Freda    CAL9504032    03/10/1995    Plaintiff    Prince George's
Clomax vs Sahli    264101V    08/22/2005    Plaintiff    Montgomery
Cloyd vs Thomas     CAL0732580     12/05/2007    Plaintiff    Prince George's
Cloyd vs Gonna    2012 CA 1452     02/15/2012     Plaintiff     DC
Cohen Dippel & Everest vs Mardirossian    122691V    07/29/1994    Plaintiff    Montgomery
Cohen vs Student National Medical Assoc    258515V     01/26/2005    Defendant    Montgomery
Cohen vs Rotar     429582V     01/23/2017     Plaintiff     Montgomery
Colbert vs Montgomery Cty    69194V    12/17/1990    Plaintiff    Montgomery
Colbert vs Leggett    60482V    06/14/1990    Plaintiff    Montgomery
Coleman vs Bruce    050200310132007     11/05/2007     Plaintiff     Prince George’s
Coley vs Smith    CAL9104519    03/01/1991    Plaintiff    Prince George's
Cooper vs Servance    050200395112004    11/10/2004    Plaintiff    Prince George’s
Coulibaly vs Urbina    060200085302002    04/15/2002    Plaintiff    Montgomery
Crawford vs Jackson Bowling    CAL9311262    06/14/1993    Plaintiff    Prince George's
Cross v. Guyton   92CP12276    7/9/1992    Plaintiff    Chester, S.C.
Crossman vs Butler    CAL9419740    10/03/1994    Plaintiff    Prince George's
CSR vs Unified Industries    2012 CA 7676     09/25/2012     Defendant     DC
Cureton vs Barrett    CAL9113895    07/19/1991    Plaintiff    Prince George's
Curtain vs Wallace    CAL9812017    06/19/1998    Plaintiff    Prince George's
Curtain vs Davco Food    CAL9103216    02/13/1991    Plaintiff    Prince George's
Dade vs Roberts    050200028022005    01/25/2005    Plaintiff    Prince George’s
Daniels vs WMATA    2006 CA 6911     09/11/2006     Plaintiff     DC
Davidson vs Washington Gas    145130V    12/04/1995    Plaintiff    Montgomery
Davis vs Smith    050200101112017     04/03/2017     Plaintiff     Prince George’s
Davis vs Walker     050200105962010     03/29/2010     Plaintiff     Prince George’s
Davis vs Gbadomsi    050200209012008     06/19/2008     Plaintiff     Prince George’s
Davis vs Pope     050200345482008     10/03/2008     Plaintiff     Prince George’s
Davis vs Walker     050200200342008     06/13/2008     Plaintiff     Prince George’s
Davis vs Appler     050200101102017     04/03/2017     Plaintiff     PG
Davis vs Gbadomsi    CAL0831482     10/29/2008     Plaintiff    Prince George's
Davis vs Walker     050200386832008     11/05/2008     Plaintiff     Prince George’s
Dean vs Montenegro    050200285342005    09/12/2005    Plaintiff    Prince George’s
Dean vs Montenegro    050200038372005    02/11/2005    Plaintiff    Prince George’s
Dembo vs Mann    CAL8904905    03/28/1989    Plaintiff    Prince George's
Dickens vs Creative    110100033152012     08/14/2012     Plaintiff     Frederick
Dickens vsPeacock     2012 CA 7703     09/26/2012     Plaintiff     DC
Diggs vs Anderson    050200127332002    04/25/2002    Plaintiff    Prince George’s
Dimonte vs Myer    90994V    05/14/1992    Plaintiff    Montgomery
Disenhaus vs Brown    2007 CA 7902     12/03/2007     Plaintiff     DC
Doe vs Shemer     395192V     09/10/2014    Plaintiff    Montgomery
Doe vs WJ Crew Club    411914V    11/24/2015    Plaintiff    Montgomery
Douglas vs Jackson    060200036592016    05/02/2016     Plaintiff    Montgomery
Douglas vs Jackson    060200108182014     06/27/2014     Plaintiff     Montgomery
Drake vs Foster    050200311492005    10/11/2005    Plaintiff    Prince George’s
Drake vs Foster    050200194052003    06/12/2003    Plaintiff     Prince George’s
Drayton vs WMATA    CAL1637343     09/27/2016    Plaintiff    Prince George’s
Drayton vs Anderson    050200146682008    05/01/2008    Plaintiff    Prince George’s
Dupalis vs Habtsellassie    060200259592002    11/21/2002    Plaintiff    Montgomery
Edwards vs Quality Exchange    CAL9218107    10/05/1992    Plaintiff    Prince George's
Elder-Cherry vs Mont Cty    050200342292005    11/03/2005    Plaintiff    Prince George’s
Elliott vs Williams    2008 CA 8905    12/19/2008     Plaintiff     DC
Elliott vs Pancholi    050200084042010     03/09/2010     Plaintiff     Prince George’s
Feingold vs Lavine    35887V    10/06/1988    Plaintiff    Montgomery
Ferrell v. Rosenblum    691 A.2d 641, No. 94-CV-1179    04/03/1997    Appellant DC Ct of Ap    
Fields vs Moore    2012 CA 9002     11/29/2012     Plaintiff     DC
Ford vs Obong     050200179572012     06/20/2012     Counter Claim    Prince George’s
Francis vs Duke    CAL9104435    02/28/1991    Plaintiff    Prince George's
Francis vs Robinson     08C15002561     09/30/2015     Plaintiff     Charles
Francis vs Robinson    CAL1508675     04/17/2015    Plaintiff    Prince George's
Frazier vs Brady    CAL0211997    05/16/2002    Plaintiff    Prince George's
Gilbert vs Foy    CAL0517614    08/22/2005    Plaintiff    Prince George's
Giusti vs Bankstown    CAL0627665    12/22/2006    Plaintiff    Prince George's
Glass vs Dominio    070200158102010     10/18/2010     Plaintiff     Ann Arundel
GMR vs Haded    39136V    01/31/1989    Plaintiff    Montgomery
Graves vs Leslie    CAL9716024    08/08/1997    Plaintiff    Prince George's
Graves vs Cooper    CAL0419148    09/30/2004    Plaintiff    Prince George's
Green vs Carter    050200194672005    06/22/2005    Plaintiff    Prince George’s
Green vs Villa    050200102262004    03/19/2004    Plaintiff    Prince George’s
Green vs McDonough    CAL9208052    05/01/1992    Plaintiff    Prince George's
Greene vs PG Bd of Educ    050200032802010     02/01/2010    Plaintiff    Prince George’s
Habties vs Marriott    61382V    07/06/1990    Plaintiff    Montgomery
Hailstorks vs Fields    050200183892007    06/21/2007    Plaintiff    Prince George’s
Harrington vs Sangaree    050200363732010     10/05/2010     Plaintiff     Prince George’s
Harris vs Hudson Ins    050200353282004    10/04/2004    Plaintiff    Prince George’s
Harris vs Raum     040200049302010     10/18/2010     Plaintiff     Charles
Harris vs Johnson    050200194082003    06/12/2003    Plaintiff    Prince George’s
Harris vs Baylor    050200194072003    06/12/2003    Plaintiff    Prince George’s
Harris vs Mattes    CAL8905355    04/04/1989    Plaintiff    Prince George's
Harris vs Johnson    050200126822005    04/20/2005    Plaintiff    Prince George’s
Haskins vs Habte    060200316912008    12/17/2008     Plaintiff     Montgomery
Hassanen vs United Cable    2010 CA 7047     09/20/2010     Plaintiff     DC
Hatfield vs Caternor    255174V    10/08/2004    Plaintiff    Montgomery
Hawkins-Yates vs Hines    050200371182003    10/31/2003    Plaintiff    Prince George’s
Haynes vs Green    CAL0603247    02/16/2006    Plaintiff    Prince George's
Hazleton vs Burgess    060200179032002    08/06/2002    Plaintiff    Montgomery
Hedgepeth vs Ward    050200102242004    03/19/2004    Plaintiff    Prince George’s
Hernandez-Brown vs Cooper    CAL9423746    11/18/1994    Plaintiff    Prince George's
Herring v. Middleditch    2014 CA 4907     08/07/2014     Plaintiff     DC
Higgins vs Green     CAL1104346     02/14/2011     Plaintiff    Prince George's
Hodge vs Alston    CAL9408567    05/25/1994    Plaintiff    Prince George's
Hodges vs Lawrence    CAL0312344    06/18/2003    Plaintiff    Prince George's
Holmes vs Lopez     010100151172008     05/05/2008     Plaintiff     Baltimore City
Hooks vs Kumar    060200258272009    09/11/2009    Plaintiff    Montgomery
Horsley vs Bowser    050200102282004    03/19/2004    Plaintiff    Prince George’s
Hue vs Bilotta    CAL9703624    02/14/1997    Plaintiff    Prince George's
In Re: Dixon    2011 ADM 1171     11/30/2011     Attorney for PR     DC
In Re: De Boeck    2014 ADM 719     07/02/2014     Personal Representative    DC
Ingram vs Barnes    010100040532011     02/14/2011     Plaintiff     Baltimore City
Irvine vs Bunn    118861V    04/26/1994    Plaintiff    Montgomery
Irvine vs Smith    217271V    12/18/2000    Plaintiff    Montgomery
Isenberg vs Lifshotz    24C97015002    01/15/1997    Plaintiff    Baltimore City
Jackson vs Rice    050200374722003    11/04/2003    Plaintiff    Prince George’s
Jackson vs Shoppers Food    08C09001338     05/12/2009     Plaintiff     Charles
Jackson vs Shoppers Food    CAL0838697    12/31/2008     Plaintiff     Prince George's
Jenkins vs Johnson    050200371202003    10/31/2003    Plaintiff    Prince George’s
Johns Hopkins Hosp vs Blake    060100203482004    08/30/2004    Defendant    Montgomery
Johnson vs Carey-Ellis    050200076762006    03/16/2006    Plaintiff    Prince George’s
Johnson vs Shane    CAL1602085     02/08/2016     Plaintiff    Prince George's
Johnson vs Shaw    110100001642009     01/08/2009     Plaintiff     Frederick
Jones vs Mitchell    050200385722007     12/07/2007     Plaintiff     Prince George’s
Jones vs Walker    CAL9618569    09/05/1996    Plaintiff    Prince George's
Jones vs Salinas    060200316922008    12/17/2008    Plaintiff    Montgomery
Jones-Artis vs Hawkins    CAL9113478    07/11/1991    Plaintiff    Prince George's
Judd-Lucas vs Pickett    050200219642006    08/01/2006    Plaintiff    Prince George’s
Kandari vs Long    68841V    12/11/1990    Plaintiff    Montgomery
Kargbo vs Earle    050200028032005    01/25/2005    Plaintiff    Prince George’s
Keeler vs Academy of Amer Franciscan History    87511V    02/21/1992    Plaintiff    Montgomery
Kelly vs Flores    060200215662008    09/02/2008    Plaintiff    Montgomery
Kelly vs Hines-Rinaldi Funeral Home    46357V    08/07/1989    Defendant    Montgomery
Key vs Malachi    266628V    11/18/2005    Plaintiff    Montgomery
King vs Mondragon    050200342102005    11/02/2005    Plaintiff    Prince George’s
Knights vs Yansen    CAL0213683    06/05/2002    Plaintiff    Prince George's
Kolani vs Bladen    239545V    01/24/2003    Plaintiff    Montgomery
Kolani vs Bladen    060200072712004    03/23/2004    Plaintiff    Montgomery
Kolani vs Bladen    060200259602002    11/21/2002    Plaintiff    Montgomery
Kolani vs Bladen    259185V    02/22/2005    Plaintiff    Montgomery
Larbi vs Day    050200021562008    01/23/2008    Plaintiff    Prince George’s
Lenaud vs Carnosa    CAL0419410    10/05/2004    Plaintiff    Prince George's
Lewis vs Ligon    CAL0900518     01/08/2009     Plaintiff    Prince George's
Lewis vs Ligon     050200339532007     10/31/2007     Plaintiff     Prince George’s
Littleton vs Prince    050200395122004    11/10/2004    Plaintiff    Prince George’s
Locks vs Malachi    060200101422006    05/11/2006    Plaintiff    Montgomery
Long vs Reynolds    050200374692003    11/04/2003    Plaintiff    Prince George’s
Long vs Reynolds    050200140742005    05/02/2005    Plaintiff    Prince George’s
Lucas vs Hagans    050200080072005    03/04/2005    Plaintiff    Prince George’s
Lucas vs Peckitt     050200219632006     08/01/2006     Plaintiff     Prince George’s
Lucas vs Hagans    050200102252004    03/19/2004    Plaintiff    Prince George’s
Macon vs Lewis    050200130622004    04/09/2004    Plaintiff    Prince George’s
Macon vs Lewis    CAL0413186    06/28/2004    Plaintiff    Prince George's
Majeska v.DC    812 A.2d 948, No. 98-CV-191    12/19/2002    Appellant    DC Ct. of Appeals
Maple vs Davenport    CAL0416986    08/27/2004    Plaintiff    Prince George's
Marable vs Anchor Const     050200148902008    05/05/2008    Plaintiff    Prince George’s
Martin vs Ogden Services    103145V    03/02/1993    Plaintiff    Montgomery
Martin vs Lofton     050200353232004    10/04/2004    Plaintiff    Prince George’s
Maryland Casualty vs Nunez    40908V    03/27/1989    Defendant    Montgomery
Maryland vs Wenzer    D00051575    10/30/1997    Defendant    Montgomery
Mayhew vs Roberts    050200371192003    10/31/2003    Plaintiff    Prince George’s
Mboma vs Shih    050200034992006    02/01/2006    Plaintiff    Prince George’s
Mboma vs Shih    CAL0607231    04/06/2006    Plaintiff    Prince George's
Mboma vs Edmonds    050200002572009     01/06/2009     Plaintiff     Prince George’s
McCall vs PG Cty    CAL0213073    05/28/2002    Plaintiff    Prince George's
McCall vs PG Cty    050200127342002    04/25/2002    Plaintiff    Prince George’s
McCallum vs Prete-Liebro    CAL0711946    05/02/2007    Plaintiff    Prince George's
McCoy vs Poston     050200385732007     12/07/2007     Plaintiff     Prince George’s
McDade vs Graham    050200272292010     07/29/2010     Plaintiff     Prince George’s
McKever vs Britt     050200044462012     02/10/2012     Plaintiff     Prince George’s
McLean vs Ventura    CAL0838698     12/31/2008     Plaintiff    Prince George's
McNey vs Herche    CAL8902602    02/15/1989    Plaintiff    Prince George's
McQueen vs Robinson    CAL9221505    11/20/1992    Plaintiff    Prince George's
Merando Inc vs Blaso    96659V    10/05/1992    Plaintiff    Montgomery
Miles vs Rohrbaugh    050200163622002    05/15/2002    Plaintiff    Prince George’s
Miller vs Nesse    134689V    04/06/1995    Plaintiff    Montgomery
Mitchell vs Howells    CAL0411426    05/28/2004    Plaintiff    Prince George's
Monroe vs Colson    2009 CA 4765     07/01/2009     Plaintiff     DC
Montgomery Cty vs Blaso    3556D    11/26/1993    Defendant    Montgomery
Montgomery Cty vs Blaso    3558D    11/26/1993    Defendant    Montgomery
Montgomery Cty vs Blaso    3557D    11/26/1993    Defendant    Montgomery
Montgomery Cty vs Blaso    3559D    11/26/1993    Defendant    Montgomery
Moore vs Catubo     CAL9703626    02/14/1997    Plaintiff    Prince George's
Morgan vs Adusei    2008 CA 8770     12/17/2008     Plaintiff     DC
Morgan vs Adusei    050200087582009     03/16/2009     Plaintiff     Prince George’s
Morrow vs Rojas Group    CAL8909193    06/05/1989    Plaintiff    Prince George's
Murray vs Mendez    050200188332004    05/21/2004    Plaintiff    Prince George’s
Nathan vs Kaplan    169983V    05/27/1997    Defendant    Montgomery
National Charity Services, Inc. vs Bryan     2012 CA 1455     02/15/2012     Plaintiff    DC
Ndi vs Shoppers Food    CAL0421126    11/01/2004    Plaintiff    Prince George's
Neely vs Hamilton    050200140672005    05/02/2005    Plaintiff    Prince George’s
Neemar vs Monts    050200395102004    11/10/2004    Plaintiff    Prince George’s
Neemar vs Monts    050200254142004    07/16/2004    Plaintiff    Prince George’s
Neumann vs WMATA    CAL9910848    05/13/1999    Plaintiff    Prince George's
Newman vs Frye    050200232842005    08/04/2005    Plaintiff    Prince George’s
Newman vs Frye    050200374712003    11/04/2003    Plaintiff    Prince George’s
Norris vs Cartledge    050200286022003    08/18/2003    Plaintiff    Prince George’s
Novell vs Castellucci    2012 CA 7702     09/26/2012     Plaintiff     DC
Obong vs Safewo    CAL0832511    11/05/2008     Plaintiff    Prince George’s
Obong vs Safewo     050200339512007     10/31/2007     Plaintiff     Prince George’s
Okolie vs Bridges    CAL9816584    08/21/1998    Plaintiff    Prince George's
Owens vs Fields    2010 CA 7534     10/07/2010     Plaintiff     DC
Pakkianathan vs Lawrence    96173V    09/22/1992    Plaintiff    Montgomery
Palmer vs Porter    050200082502005    03/10/2005    Plaintiff    Prince George’s
Parker vs PG Board of Educ    050200102272004    03/19/2004    Plaintiff    Prince George’s
Parker vs PG County    050200374702003    11/04/2003    Plaintiff    Prince George’s
Parker vs Reed     050200243792007     08/20/2007     Plaintiff     Prince George’s
Patrick vs Barberis    060200087972004    04/08/2004    Plaintiff    Montgomery
Payandeh vs Hilliian    CAL0826265     10/06/2008    Plaintiff    Prince George's
Peacock vs Decastro    CAL0603250    02/16/2006    Plaintiff    Prince George's
Penn vs Lanley    050200353252004    10/04/2004    Plaintiff    Prince George’s
Penn vs Langley     CAL0611875     06/06/2006    Plaintiff    Prince George's
Penn vs Romine     050200084052010     03/09/2010     Plaintiff     Prince George’s
Penn vs Langley    050200118842006    04/26/2006    Plaintiff    Prince George’s
Penn vs White    050200154992008     05/06/2008     Plaintiff     Prince George’s
Penny vs Manning    CAL9502587    02/16/1995    Plaintiff    Prince George's
Piche vs Neary    221059V    04/30/2001    Plaintiff    Montgomery
Pollard vs McKelvy    070200150562010     10/07/2010     Plaintiff     Anne Arundel
Pollard vs Candle    2011 CA 2353     03/25/2011     Plaintiff     DC
Pollard vsCaudle    2011 CA 7676     09/26/2011     Plaintiff     DC
Poness vs Regal Cinemas    050200100452013     04/05/2013     Plaintiff    Prince George’s
Poretsky Mgt vs Making A Difference    CAL9500403    01/10/1995    Plaintiff    Prince George's
Pounds vs Shoppers Food    CAL9400646    01/13/1994    Plaintiff    Prince George's
Powell vs Delta    CAL0414366    07/16/2004    Plaintiff    Prince George's
Psak v. Harrison    97 CA 8252     05/06/1997     Plaintiff     DC
Quill vs Scheppske    02C11159395     03/01/2011     Plaintiff     Anne Arundel
Reed vs Woodland Horse    CAL0003256    02/17/2000    Plaintiff    Prince George's
Reed vs Woodland Horse    215362V    10/18/2000    Plaintiff    Montgomery
Richards vs Monts    050200395092004    11/10/2004    Plaintiff    Prince George’s
Riley vs Washington    CAL9505917    04/03/1995    Plaintiff    Prince George's
Rinaldi vs Burich    46109V    08/02/1989    Plaintiff    Montgomery
Roberts vs Moore    2010 CA 2127     04/01/2010     Plaintiff     DC
Robinson vs KFC    CAL9218971    10/19/1992    Plaintiff    Prince George's
Romero vs Jarvis    174686V    08/29/1997    Plaintiff    Montgomery
Roots vs Knight    CAL9403415    03/09/1994    Plaintiff    Prince George's
Ross vs Rozanski    060200045022008    03/07/2008    Plaintiff    Montgomery
Ruble vs Castillo    170473V    06/06/1997    Plaintiff    Montgomery
Scott vs Gbadamosi    050200034942006    02/01/2006    Plaintiff    Prince George’s
Sewell vs Hall     050200148912008     05/05/2008     Plaintiff     Prince George’s
Sewell vs Weathers by    050200374682003    11/04/2003    Plaintiff    Prince George’s
Sewell vs Hall     050200439672008     12/12/2008     Plaintiff     Prince George’s
Shabazz-Spurr vs Roberts    060200130192007    06/22/2007    Plaintiff    Montgomery
Shabazz-Spurr vs Roberts    060200033362008    02/20/2008    Plaintiff     Montgomery
Shaw vs Fuentes    050200311512005    10/11/2005    Plaintiff    Prince George’s
Shaw vs Fuentes    CAL0525849    12/07/2005    Plaintiff    Prince George's
Sheckels vs Potomac Ridge    236702V    09/24/2002    Plaintiff    Montgomery
Shepard vs Willing    070200092222002    08/06/2002    Plaintiff    Ann Arundel
Shepherd vs Sparks    59393V    05/16/1990    Plaintiff    Montgomery
Shirazi Enterprises vs Robin Tech    45612V    12/13/1995    Plaintiff    Montgomery
Singleton vs Warmer    050200268662005    09/20/2005    Plaintiff    Prince George’s
Skates vs Drew     050200097652011     03/18/2011     Plaintiff     Prince George’s
Sloan vs Sherman    169224V    05/09/1997    Plaintiff    Montgomery
Sloan vs Fisher    CAL0213830    06/07/2002    Plaintiff    Prince George's
Smith vs Hill    2009 CA 3316     05/01/2009     Plaintiff     DC
Smith vs Steed    CAL0515646    07/26/2005    Plaintiff    Prince George's
Smith vs Hernandez    070200166872009     11/13/2009     Plaintiff     Glen Burnie
Smith vs Bankers    2013 CA 3900     06/06/2013     Plaintiff     DC
Smith vs McNeill    CAL0608940     04/26/2006     Plaintiff    Prince George's
Smith vs Franklin    CAL9113640    07/15/1991    Plaintiff    Prince George's
Smith vs Bankers Insurance    2014 CA 4908     08/07/2014    Plaintiff    DC
Songu Morita vs Guida    13C03056234    08/27/2003    Plaintiff    Howard
Songu-Moriwa vs Guida    00100057472002    11/22/2002    Plaintiff    Howard
Spriggs vs Handa Corp    CAL9525194    12/06/1995    Plaintiff    Prince George's
Stefansson vs Comer    163720V    01/17/1997    Plaintiff    Montgomery
Stevens vs Lyles    050200102292004    03/22/2004    Plaintiff    Prince George’s
Steverson vs Hamilton    CAL0605702    03/20/2006    Plaintiff    Prince George's
Stewell vs Weathers by    CAL0325257    12/04/2003     Plaintiff    Prince George's
Strange vs Young    050200118832006    04/26/2006    Plaintiff    Prince George’s
Suttle vs Mattox    050200127322002    04/25/2002    Plaintiff    Prince George’s
Sutton vs Hammond    050200339522007    10/31/2007     Plaintiff     Prince George’s
Sweet vs Hickox     CAL1316916     06/11/2013    Plaintiff     Prince George’s
Tatarowicz vs Home Depot,, et al.    2013 CA 6674    10/02/2013    Plaintiff    DC
Taylor vs Frye    050200140752005    05/02/2005    Plaintiff    Prince George’s
Taylor vs Martin     CAL0300057    01/02/2003    Plaintiff    Prince George's
Taylor vs Romans    169904V    05/23/1997    Plaintiff    Montgomery
Taylor vs Martin    CAL0221177    08/28/2002    Plaintiff    Prince George's
Taylor-Ellis vs Wilson    050200155132009     05/01/2009     Plaintiff     Prince George’s
Thomas vs Johnson    2006 CA 9098    12/27/2006    Plaintiff    DC
Thomasian vs Steinman    386954V     02/10/2014     Plaintiff     Montgomery
Thornell vs White     2008 CA 8771     12/17/2008     Plaintiff     DC
Thurston vs Harrison    070200166862009    11/13/2009    Plaintiff     Glen Burnie
Tiemann vsWMATA    95709V    09/10/1992    Plaintiff    Montgomery
TMI vs Woodley House    2011 CA 8685     11/02/2011     Defendant     DC
Tolson vs Anderson    050200268652005    09/20/2005    Plaintiff    Prince George’s
Tripp vs Bruce     050200339502007     10/31/2007     Plaintiff     Prince George’s
Tripp vs Bruce    050200310022007    11/05/2007    Plaintiff    Prince George’s
Tucker vs Beach    CAL9703625    02/14/1997    Plaintiff    Prince George's
Tucker vs Stohlman    2006 CA 3133    04/25/2006    Plaintiff    DC
Turner vs Jacobs     050200056212011     02/14/2011     Plaintiff     Prince George’s
Ubong vs Passim    050200271142012     09/14/2012     Plaintiff Prince George’s    
Vasilevsky vs Sennewald    88314V    03/11/1992    Plaintiff    Montgomery
Virts vs Buckler    CAL9023759    10/15/1990     Plaintiff    Prince George's
Walker vs Rodriguez-Hernandez    050200183882007    06/21/2007    Plaintiff    Prince George’s
Warren vs Columbia Mirror & Glass    2013 CA 378    01/17/2013    Plaintiff    DC
Warren vs Melgar    CAL1114410     06/13/2011     Plaintiff    Prince George's
Warren vs Melgar    050200069712011     03/04/2011     Plaintiff     Prince George’s
Warren vs Ross    CAL0216127    07/01/2002    Plaintiff    Prince George's
Warren vs Ross    CAL0421507    11/10/2004    Plaintiff    Prince George's
Washington vs Privott    CAL9016090    07/05/1990    Plaintiff    Prince George's
Waugh vs Ozamic    060200233712004    10/05/2004    Plaintiff    Montgomery
Waugh vs Ozamic    259321V    02/24/2005    Plaintiff     Montgomery
Weaver vs Hudnell    050200038532003    02/03/2003    Plaintiff    Prince George’s
Weaver vs Hudnell    CAL0312387    06/18/2003    Plaintiff    Prince George's
Weiner vs Washington Adventist Hospital    260567V    04/14/2005    Plaintiff    Montgomery
Weldon vs Munday    CAL9117208    09/13/1991    Plaintiff    Prince George's
Wentworth vs Klepper    2016 CA 5894    08/10/2016    Plaintiff    DC
Wenzer vs Marcus    CAL9422569    10/28/1994    Plaintiff    Prince George's
Wenzer vs Moore    060200198522008    08/06/2008    Plaintiff    Montgomery
Wenzer vs Moore    060200013852009     01/20/2009     Plaintiff    Montgomery
White vs Williams    050200394482005    12/19/2005    Plaintiff    Prince George’s
White vs Jackson    050200378582006    09/07/2006    Plaintiff    Prince George’s
White vs Jackson    070200096352006     09/07/2006     Plaintiff     Glen Burnie
White vs Ozalewski    050200082492005    03/10/2005    Plaintiff    Prince George’s
White vs FMB    C97325079    11/21/1997    Plaintiff    Baltimore City Circuit
White vs Lee     050200069622011     03/04/2011     Plaintiff     Prince George’s
White vs Ozalewski    CAL0507877    04/12/2005    Plaintiff    Prince George's
Wiggins vs Rochasantos    060200123802006    06/19/2006    Plaintiff    Montgomery
Wiggs vs Stephenson-Crawford    050200121082009    04/08/2009    Plaintiff    Prince George’s
Wilkes vs Bussev    050200082482005    03/10/2005    Plaintiff    Prince George’s
Wilkinson vs Delist    02C04101785    11/08/2004    Plaintiff    Anne Arundel
Williams vs Fox    08C03002295    10/31/2003    Plaintiff    Charles
Williams vs Savoy    CAL1219699     07/06/2012     Plaintiff    Prince George's
Williams vs Snatch Towing     050200293152012    10/03/2012    Plaintiff    Prince George’s
Williams vs Savoy    050200077142012     04/12/2012     Plaintiff    Prince George’s
Williams vs Sawyer    050200236852005    08/15/2005    Plaintiff    Prince George’s
Williams vs Safeway    CAL9409707    06/13/1994    Plaintiff    Prince George's
Williams vs Seidel    060200152602008    06/12/2008    Plaintiff     Montgomery
Williams vs PG Bd of Educ    050200020652011    01/24/2011     Plaintiff    Prince George’s
Williams v. Poretsky 955 F. Supp. 490, No. CCB-95-2051 10/15/1996 Defendant D.Maryland
Wilson vs Womack    CAL9506359    04/07/1995    Defendant    Prince George's
Wilson vs Boyd     050200084032010     03/09/2010     Plaintiff     Prince George’s
Woodard vs Dehaas    060200112752005    06/09/2005    Plaintiff    Montgomery
Woods vs Mattox    CAL0300062    01/02/2003    Plaintiff    Prince George's
Yohannes v. Hahn Transport  N 923071     06/28/1993     Plaintiff    D. Maryland
Young vs McIntyre    CAL8905705    04/06/1989    Plaintiff    Prince George's
Zakikhani v. Marriott   DKC932824     04/22/1993     Plaintiff    D. Maryland

* This material is based on data obtained from sources we consider to be reliable; however, it is not guaranteed to accuracy and does not purport to be complete. 


  • Woodley House, Inc., Washington, DC

    • A non-profit provider of support for both publically-funded and private-paying consumers ranging from crisis care to long-term housing within a variety of safe, secure, affordable and well-maintained residential facilities throughout Washington, D.C.

      • Board of Trustees, 1994-1998; 1999-2012; 2013-present; (President, 1996-1998; Vice President, 1995-1996; 2006-2007; Treasurer 2000-2001; 2004-2005; 2015-present; Endowment Committee, 1999-2000; 2004-2010; 2015-present; At-Large Executive Committee Member 2001 - 2004; 2005; 2008 - 2010, Legal Affairs Committee Chair 1994-1998, 1999-2010); Pro Bono Legal Counsel, 2010-2012; 2014-present.

  • Adat Shalom Reconstructionist Congregation, Bethesda, MD

    • Board of Directors, 1995-1997; 2001-2005 (Fundraising Committee Vice-Chair and Chair, 1995-1997; Personnel Committee Vice-Chair and Chair, 2001-2005; Co-Chair, Rabbi Evaluation Committee, 2002; Executive Committee, 2002-2005).

  • Love Thy Neighbor Community, Inc., Washington, DC

    • A community based non-profit organization helping improve the lives of people in the Shipley Terrace area of Southeast, Washington, D.C.

      • Board of Directors, 1994-2001; Vice President, 1996-1998; Pro Bono Legal Counsel, 1994-2008.

  • Law Alumni Reunion Committee, Georgetown University

    • Committee Member, 2002-2006; 2017.

  • Arbitrator, Washington, DC

    • D.C. Superior Court, 1993-present.

  • Street Law, Inc., Washington, DC

    • Resource Person/Legal Consultant for Teacher Training Workshops on Sexual Harassment and Voir Dire; Moot Court Judge for program with deaf students, 1991. Arbetman, L., McMahon, E. & O’Brien, E., Street Law: A Course in Practical Law (5th ed., West Publishing Company, 1994; Arbetman, L. and O’Brien, E., 6th ed.,1999), reviewer of chapter on torts.

    • D.C. Street Law Program, Mock Trial Judge and Scorer, 1988-present

  • AAU Basketball Coach, Bethesda, MD

    • Bethesda Trojans, 2007-2011

  • College Advisory Service, Chevy Chase, MD

    • Technical Consultant & Legal Advisor, 1980-2015

  • It’s Academic, WRC-TV, Washington, DC

    • Contributing Editor of questions for televised high school quiz show, 1988-1989

  • Harriet B. Burg Foundation, Washington, DC 

    • A Foundation organized by friends of Harriet B. Burg after her death to address the rights of women with disabilities.

      • Administrator, 1985-1986