Kamerow Law Firm, PLLC

We are a general practice firm with our main office in Alexandria, Virginia.  We litigate in the state and federal courts in Virginia as well as in the District of Columbia and Maryland.  Our practice focuses on: Plaintiff's Personal Injury; Wills, Estate Planning, Estates and Trusts (including contested will litigation); Medical and Legal Malpractice; Real Property and Commercial Transactions; Civil Rights (especially employment discrimination, sexual harassment, and police misconduct); and Commercial Litigation.  We believe in personal contact with our clients and believe that we provide our clients with superior legal representation.

Our firm both counsels and litigates on behalf of our clients.  We have extensive experience in preparing wills and trusts, incorporating both profit and non-profit corporations and limited liability companies, and advising clients on business matters, both large and small.  We also have broad litigation experience, at administrative, court and appellate levels, in both federal and local jurisdictions.  We have litigated matters throughout the United States, including not only the District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia, but also Illinois, California, South Carolina, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Delaware, West Virginia, New Jersey, North Carolina, New York, Florida, and St. Croix.



Whether you have a been injured in an accident, have a complaint with your employer, have had a bad medical experience, are trying to sell a business, need help with estate planning, or have some other legal problem, the attorneys at the Kamerow Law Firm can help you.  Our areas of concentration and breadth of services enable us to operate with the effectiveness of larger firms, yet with the kind of individual attention you require and deserve.  We concentrate in the following areas of law:


personal injury & AUTOMOBILE ACCIDENTS

Have you been injured in an accident? We can negotiate with the insurance company or represent you in court. We work on all serious personal injuries (or deaths) from any accident or defective product.



Did a doctor make a mistake that injured you or a loved one? We can bring a suit against the doctor for injuries or deaths suffered as a result of the wrongdoing or failure to act by a doctor or hospital.


Legal Malpractice

Did a lawyer commit wrongdoing or fail to act properly?  We can bring a suit against the lawyer.



Are you having a dispute with an insurance company? Bring us your documents and we’ll help you negotiate with the insurance company.



Do you have a will? We can draft a will, or revise an older will, for as little as $500.00.  Let us help you: calculate the value of your estate, understand the taxes and fees of probate administration, understand the value of having a Will or a Revocable Trust, discover the information you need to prepare a Will or Trust, determine if a Trust might be the answer. We help with Estate Planning for Non-Citizens of the U.S.


Probate Administration

Do you need help with the probating of an Estate?  We can help you go through the process of probate.



Are you having a problem with a relative’s estate or will? Have you been wrongly cut out of an inheritance? We can investigate the situation and bring a claim against the estate. We have litigated claims of heirs in D.C., Maryland, Virginia, South Carolina and Florida. 



Have you or your child been the victim of sexual misconduct by teachers or coaches? We can bring a claim against the wrongdoer and his employer.


Civil Rights

Have you been the victim of discrimination, sexual harassment, or police misconduct?  We can bring claims against the perpetrators and their employers.



Have you been discriminated against in your job? We can bring a claim against your employer in either administrative or court proceedings.


General Litigation

We can advance or defend your personal and business interests in court.



Do you have legal documents that you need to have reviewed? Bring your documents to our office and we can take a look at them and advise you on the next steps.


We handle many other types of matters... 

Many on a contingent fee where we only get paid if we get you money. 

Our firm has won cases as large as $6 million and as small as one thousand dollars, at trial and on appeal, in settlement and in arbitration, including cases against individuals such as reckless drivers and drunk drivers, corporations such as General Motors, Ford Motor Company, Metro, Wendy's, Roy Rogers, building contractors, and trucking firms, and against the United States, District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia governments.

Over time we have adapted our practice to meet new trends in the law and the economy.  We are sensitive to concerns about legal expenses.  Each matter you bring to us will be handled in the most cost-efficient and cost-effective basis possible.


Stop by or call for your free initial consultation. Walk-ins are welcome.